Cheap room decorations

  1. Cute tapestry- a tapestry will transform a wall of your room and give your room a new cute vibe. Even if the traditional mandala Tapestry does not fit with the theme of your room there are countless different design to choose from. Urban outfitters have some super cute designs as well as a great selection however, they can be a bit pricey as most of them are over $50. Amazon has a good selection for much cheaper prices, most of which are under $20.
  2. Photo wall- A photo wall is a good way to add a touch of creativity to your room. Find some pictures lying around your house or print some new ones. Use double sided tape and hang them in rows or any other pattern. You could also hang Polaroid pics from string using cloths pins.
  3. Christmas light- want a Tumbr room? Christmas lights are the perfect addition for the cozy Tumblr look. Hang them loosely around the to of your room. They will brighten up your room and you might even have some lying around your house.
  4. Clothing Rack- If you have a little extra space put up a simple clothing rack and hang your cutest cloths that go with the color theme of your room. This will give you a little extra closet space and cute new decoration to your room.
  5. Chair- Have an extra chair somewhere? put it in your room! It comes in handy to put cloths or to take up an empty corner without spending much money.
  6. DIY’s- DIY’s aren’t for everyone but they certainly look great when done right. Some look tacky but there are so many great ideas that you can find just what you are looking for to add a few finishing touches to your room.