6 Tips For Wearing Bright Lipstick



Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lip color in the color Slipper Orchid with and without gloss.

A bright lip color can either make or break a look. I’m usually terrified of wearing bright lipstick fearing it will smear, start coming off, or worse get on my teeth. Here are six tips to pull of any shade of lipstick:

  1. Use a primer. This step is super important to getting a lasting bright look. A
  2. Clear lip liner. A lip lier should be clear or a very similar shade to your color of lipstick.
  3. Use concealer to fix any imperfections.
  4. Try lip stain. I prefer using a matte lip stain then adding gloss on top. Lip stain stays really well even when eating and drinking.
  5. Blot your lipstick. After applying a coat of lipstick use a tissue or blotting sheet and bad your lips to remove excess product then apply more lipstick and repeat. This is also important to making any lipstick last.
  6. Use concealer to fix any imperfections. After your lipstick is applied use a small brush and trace your lip line for a crisp defined look.

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