Tasty lunch anyone can make!


I’m stuck at home due to icy roads and I was craving something tasty. I find it’s hard to stay healthy during lazy days at home. I found some frozen shrimp in the freezer and threw together a healthy lunch with what I could find.

  • rice: white rice topped with lemon and roasted sesame seeds
  • shrimp: seasoned and covered in olive oil then grilled
  • green beans: boiled with salt
  • bean sportut salad: boiled bean sprouts with white vinegar, sugar, and sesame oil topped with roasted sesame seeds
  • tea: iced black tea with lemon
  • fruit: mango, banana, and strawberries

Do you have a favorite lazy day meal?



Healthy Eating Log


Sometimes I can hardly remember all the things I eat through my day. Looking bad at many busy days I made a lot of unhealthy choices without even noticing. One of my new years resolutions was to eat healthier but I quickly found this was hard to do because I did not track it and their are many different types of healthy eating.img_6428

Looking to develop healthy habits I started a journal documenting what I eat thought the day as well as a pixel calendar in order to see my overall trends. I came up with my own definition on healthy and unhealthy eating which consisted of eating more fruits and veggies and limiting unhealthy snacks and greasy food. To start out I decided not to look at calories but instead focus on eating quality food.

I also used this as a quick tally of how much water I am drinking thought the day as a quick reminder.img_6430